Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Colleen Huber, NMD, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, a licensed physician in Arizona.  In my case, I have a Fellowship of the Naturopathic Oncology Research Institute (FNORI), and so my work is with cancer patients, for the most part.  Generally, a lot of them choose to have me be their PCP after they go into remission.

My clinic, Nature Works Best, is of licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMDs) at the same address for the 10 years of our existence, close to health food stores, two highways and the Phoenix airport.

Our goal is to make sure that the cancer patient gets stronger, while we fight the cancer at the cellular and molecular level, until that patient arrives at remission with:

  • No tumor burden, and
  • Vitality and strength restored, at least equal to the condition of before the cancer diagnosis.

Our goal is for this to happen with every patient, but many patients must stop the treatments earlier, because insurance coverage is still underperforming for the natural treatments for cancer.

Why don’t you advertise on the radio and billboards, like Mayo and others?

MD Anderson, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Mayo and other cancer conglomerates seem to be advertising everywhere.  You can hardly turn on a radio or TV without an ad from a cancer hospital.  Their billboards are all over our most congested highways.  Their soundbites are everywhere.

Soundbites may work well enough for chemotherapy, because everybody has an idea of what it is.  However, natural treatments for cancer are still unfamiliar to much of the American public, and require more of an introduction than simply a commercial.  This is why we explain on our website what we do and the results that we have had.  We do not know of another cancer clinic of any kind that is as straightforward in reporting their results as we are – both our successes and our failures – anonymously of course.  Natural treatments have been around longer than most chemo drugs and are far safer and are more effective.

According to this article in the journal Clinical Oncology, Chemotherapy has a 2.1% survival rate in the U.S.  Click here for a link to this article.[i]

The best of natural therapies have shown a survival rate in the 80s and 90s.[1]  See Table 5, at this link.

How do you handle safety at your clinic?

Safety at our clinic, and in natural medicine generally, is far superior to chemotherapy.  We have given over 30,000 IV nutrient treatments, and we have never had to call 911 for a patient receiving an IV. The vigilant attention of our doctors, registered nurses and medical assistants to the patients has ensured that they do well and that they are tolerating our treatments.  Patients who have sensitivity or intolerance to one or another component of the treatment, which is a relatively unusual occurrence, discontinue that part of the treatment.  This is still generally successful, because there are a number of safe and effective ways to fight cancer from nature.

Do you work with medical doctors?  Does any entity oversee your work?

There are medical doctors who have referred patients to us, and there are medical doctors to whom we have referred patients, based on need.  Medical doctors neither supervise us, nor take direction from us, because we are an independent clinic of Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMDs).  The government agency that oversees licensed naturopathic physicians is the Naturopathic Medical Board of the state in which those physicians are licensed.  In the case of our clinic, that governing body is the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Board.

Our work is also overseen by the Investigational Review Board (IRB) of the American Naturopathic Research Institute / Naturopathic Oncology Research Institute.   IRBs were established to protect the rights of human patients.  Following the International Declaration of Human Rights and in order to avoid the worst kind of horrors of human experimentation that had been perpetrated throughout the worst periods of human history, IRBs were established in the US – teams of peers as well as at least one non-clinician – as established by the law –  that would evaluate the use of medical treatments or procedures with human beings, according to the specifications of the federal code.

Unfortunately, the prohibition against forced medical treatments is widely ignored in the US medical community, with mandatory and even forced vaccinations being the norm, and very unfortunately among the most vulnerable population: our infants and children.  Just as bad, cancer patients are told every day that they must have chemotherapy, whether they want it or not.  Nobody informs them that there are much safer alternatives to that in natural medicine.

The IRB overseeing our work has submitted our data-gathering from our patients to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and to the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP), both of which have granted approval, including all previous years in which we applied, and up to the present.

[i] Morgan G, Ward R et al.  The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies.  Clin Oncol 2004 Dec; 16(8) 549-60.

[1] Huber C. Defeating cancer requires more than one treatment method: A 10-year retrospective case series using multiple nutritional and herbal agents, 2016 update.