Why I Became a Naturopathic Physician

In Colleen Huber by Colleen Huber, NMD

I was raised in a family interested in natural ways of living, choosing whole, natural food over junk food, and looking to nature for medicine when it was needed.  All of this seemed to me like a fine way to live, and never seemed to be lacking.  We kids grew up strong, healthy with brief bouts of measles, mumps and chicken pox when they each made the rounds of our schools, all very benign and short-term illnesses to healthy kids.  Like having a cold, no worse, and you stay home from school a few days, with the added benefit of having a stronger immune system.  As we all know, these now rare illnesses have become the widely-feared bogeymen that sell vaccines.  Selling by way of fear works, I suppose, if you can’t sell by any more reasonable means.  But generally, we played outdoors for long hours and grew an organic garden long before most people had heard of such a thing, and generally had really active days outside of school hours.

Against that idyllic and healthy background, Americans had gradually become aware of cancer becoming a relentless and seemingly incurable disease, taking more lives all the time.  It seemed to hit as randomly as lightning, with no apparent cause.  So my family was horrified to learn in the 1970’s that a judge’s order stopped researchers at New York’s Sloan Kettering, when they announced a substance, laetrile or vitamin B-17, which could shrink or destroy tumors in mice.  As soon as a natural substance was discovered to be effective against cancer, it was made illegal.  And that’s when the blinders came off.  I was now much more interested in natural medicine, and for the first time deeply suspicious of corruption in the institutions most desperately seeking our trust.

America’s medical system – no, it goes further – America’s very lifestyle and culture has been hijacked by an industry that tells you that a doctor is the ultimate arbiter and decision-maker of the health of your whole family.  As a result, you no longer feel, or feel confident of, your own autonomy over your own bodies and your own diet and your own decisions.  How did our very selves get so thoroughly stolen from our own control?

This article by Mark Hyman, MD, explains better than any other I’ve seen on the topic of an abysmal problem in the health and lives of Americans:  That is, Pharma / government collusion has left the US with the least effective and most dangerous drugs promoted as if they were the only solutions to the health problems of most Americans.

128,000 deaths per year in the US are from “properly” prescribed pharmaceuticals.   That’s the number reported to the FDA.  That’s more Americans than died in all of World War I (116,516) or all of the Vietnam War (90,220).   Also, that number does not include deaths from chemotherapy, which are incorrectly called deaths due to cancer.

There are 2.7 million serious, disabling or fatal injuries due to pharmaceuticals.  And the number of serious adverse events increases over time.

In many cases, such as with “high cholesterol,” a problem was alleged, in order to sell a completely unnecessary and very harmful class of drugs as the solution to the non-existent problem.   Not surprisingly, that drug class, statins, is the best-selling class of drugs of all time, with the highest revenues.  Higher cholesterol is actually correlated with better results against cancer, as Robert Waters, PhD and I showed in 2015.

Why do you never hear about this in the media?  Fox’s Roger Ailes once told Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that the major media “gets up to 70% of advertising revenues during non-election years from Pharma.”  And that is exactly why you will never hear a whisper of a challenge to the tyrannical pharmaceutical industry from anyone but those of us who have a moral obligation to expose such corruption.  Fortunately, there are more of us all the time who are speaking out.  And more Americans than ever before are looking at the dismal options offered by the conventional medical system and are asking, “Aren’t there any better alternatives than this?”

Despite relentless advertising by Pharma, Americans increasingly choose alternative medicine and natural lifestyles.  38% of American adults have used some complementary or alternative medicine, although only 43% of those mentioned this to a medical doctor.  I look forward to a time when we feel free to choose the health care and lifestyle that we want, without coercion, without artificially induced-fear, and please, for heaven’s sake, without endless Pharma commercials such as “Ask your doctor if Quack-o-pill is right for you.  Side effects may include brain fog, excessive obedience, coma and death.”

Basically, I became a naturopathic physician, so that people who wanted an alternative to all the damage and carnage above could have a safe sanctuary for their kids and themselves.  So that they could have a doctor who would meet their health needs without trying to bully them into unwanted shots and drugs.  I wanted, in other words, to be the kind of doctor that my own family needed.